Hosting a Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

When planning birthday party events for children, coming up with a theme can be half the battle. Many smart parents know that Star Wars remains a popular theme favorite, and putting off the ultimate Star Wars party is a snap with a few simple suggestions.

One way to get the fun started is to divide young partygoers into Empire or Rebellion groups. With pool noodles and some duct tape, you can fashion inexpensive lightsabers in a rainbow of colors for kids to have mock battles. Will the Rebels triumph, or will Darth Vader’s Empire rule the day?

Costumes, of course, add a bit of flair to a themed birthday party, but this isn’t always possible due to the availability (or lack thereof) of costumes. Instead of costumes, focus on the decorations and soundtrack. Star Wars soundtracks are readily available in CD format or even streamed online, and these make the perfect background music for a party. Decorations can be handmade, or can be easily found in the bigger party-supply stores. Star Wars-themed banners, cake decorations, and toys will add visual interest to the party and give something kids to remember for years to come.

If you have it in your budget, speak to local Star Wars reenactor groups like chapters of the 501st Legion to see if they might offer a special appearance from Darth Vader, a Jedi Knight, or a group of Stormtroopers. Nothing gets little imaginations racing than a costumed hero or villain to show up at the party!

For outdoor fun, any party can benefit from an inflatable bounce house or moonwalk. Bounce houses fit the Star Wars theme perfectly; young partygoers can bounce around and pretend they’re in space. Bounce house rental companies can be found in most U.S. cities, providing affordable fun and exercise for children. For your next outdoor event, regardless of theme, adding an inflatable bouncer is a wise choice.