Birthday Party Tips and Tricks

Around the country, parents struggle to pull off the ultimate birthday parties for their children. Agonizing over themes, decorations, and activities can create an unpleasant atmosphere for the adults planning the party. Rather than let the stress get the best of you, read on for a variety of tips and tricks to make hosting your next birthday party event as easy and as fun as possible:

  • One of the very best ways to get a birthday party started off right is to include an inflatable bounce house. Of course, smaller indoor gatherings may not offer enough space to have a bouncer or a moonwalk, but if you are planning an outdoor event, consider these inflatables. There are many locally-owned bounce house rental companies to take advantage of, and kids will love the play time these fun inflatables provide.
  • Goodie bags for partygoers is another great way to make your birthday event memorable. Goodie bags don’t have to be elaborate or expensive; a few small toys, some candies, and a small bottle of bubble-blowing solution are all that need to be included in the bag. Each party participant receives a goodie bag when leaving.
  • Make up name tags for each child. Not all the children at the party will know each other from school or from around the neighborhood, so having name tags helps to break the ice. This is especially important if there are shy kids in attendance.
  • Crafts are a good opportunity to occupy young hands at birthday parties. Have children twist together balloon animals, make a party-themed piece of art to bring home, or create hand puppets from old socks and glue-on buttons. Party crafts for young ones should be simple, and there should always be a parent or adult available to help.
  • A piñata adds even more fun and thrills to birthday party events of all sizes. Pinatas are usually available locally at party-supply houses or larger markets. It is a great way to extend a party’s theme and to give young children something else to look forward to once all the birthday cake is eaten and the presents are opened.